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Van Diepen, Strong embrace niche farming with Haskap berries, black currants Norfolk Farms Spring 2021 Edition PDF VersionPatricia van Diepen and Warren Strong’s route to the country was not about to economically pass through 3,000 acres of corn, beans and … Read More

Here we grow again

We are thrilled to announce our latest retailer, Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese. Gunn’s Hill is a premiere cheese producer located right here in Oxford County. … Read More

New Vendor in Simcoe

The Apple Place We are happy to announce we have a new vendor in Simcoe. The Apple Place is open seasonally from September in June.They are selling Black Currant Jam, Black Currant Habanero Jam ans Black Currant Chutney. You can … Read More

Soil Test Results Are In

Soil Test and Soil Mapping We recently had another soil map and an accompanying soil test done on our farm. A soil map is where the farm is drawn out in areas or zones. These areas could be determined by … Read More

Black Currant Chutney

Black Currant Chutney – New Product Experimentation and Development Life is an experiment. Every day, I work towards the ABC model. What’s the ABC model you ask? Always Be Curious. Ask questions daily; in work, in play, and in creating … Read More

Making Black Currant Jam

Our Black Currant Jam is proving very popular and selling fast. It is time we started making black currant jam again. We strive to highlight the flavour characteristics of black currants so our jams will always have fruit as the … Read More