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Cleaning Our Irrigation Pond

For the most part, our irrigation pond served us well this summer with only once instance where we thought we would run out of water. It was clear however that access to the pond was not good due to trees … Read More

Haskap Video

Our Haskap video shows the team effort needed to take our approximately 6500 Haskap seedlings from plants to one gallon pots as well as the laying of a combination of leaf mulch and mushroom compost in the field that will … Read More

Planting Black Currants

Planting Our Black Currants We are getting ready to plant approximately 1550 Black Currant plants.  We have chosen to use several different Black Currant cultivars to provide us with the right combinations of fruit and flavours to make our products … Read More

Cover Crop is Up

Our mixed cover crop of oats and red clover is starting to poke through. The oats and clover were planted with the goals of weed suppression, erosion control and supply of green manure. We are hoping to develop a great … Read More

Jams, Juices and Sauces

Our fresh Black Currants should be available in mid to late July and delicious jams, juices and sauces will follow shortly after. We chose our name, Plaid Shirt Farms, because although we are serious about farming, we wanted to have … Read More

Checking our Black Currants

Our Black Currants were planted in 2015 as not much more than twigs,and are now developing nicely into the sturdy, productive bushes we had hoped for. They survived the winter well with no visible damages. 2017 looks encouraging!