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  • Black Currant Rhubarb jam

    Black Currant Rhubarb Jam

    Plaid Shirt Farms’ Black Currant Jam is our newest blend of traditional flavours. Great on toast, throw it on ice cream or use it as a barbeque glaze. Made with Black Currants grown on our farm 250ml.

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  • Black Currant Jam

    Black Currant Jam

    Plaid Shirt Farm’s Black Currant Jam is fruit first and bursting with a sweet/tart flavour.   Use on toast, ice cream, pancakes, mix with hot water for a tea.  Adds a punch to yoghurt, smoothies and oatmeal. Made with Black Currants … Read More

  • Black Currant Habanero Jam

    Black Currant Habanero Jam

    Plaid Shirt Farm’s Black Currant Habanero Jam is a sweet and savoury condiment with a touch of heat.  Right at home with grilled chicken or alongside cheese and crackers. Made with Black Currants and Habanero Peppers grown on our farm. … Read More

  • Black Currant Chutney

    Black Currant Chutney

    Plaid Shirt Farm’s Black Currant Chutney.  Try this delicious spread on a cracker with cheese, on a burger, or sauté chicken thighs with it.  A great option in place of your cranberry sauce. Use as a side to cheese, pork … Read More

  • Black Currant Juice

    Black Currant Juice

    Made from Black Currants grown on our farm. Lightly sweetened, 500ml Mix with soda water, water or for a little sweeter with ginger ale for a refreshing drink.  Pour over ice cream, on pancakes or in smoothies.  Adds a robust … Read More

  • Black Currant Sauce

    Black Currant Sauce

    Made from Black Currants grown on our farm. 375 ml The sweet/tart sauce that works well with pork, chicken, venison or serve with any dessert, ice cream, brownies or cheesecakes.  Adds a robust flavor to vinaigrettes.  

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  • Black Currant Tart Filling

    Black Currant Tart Filling

    Not just a tart filling, use in shortbread bars, for additional flavour in apple crisp or over waffles and pancakes and in your favourite recipe. 375ML Preparation for tarts: Fill tart shells half full with filling, place in preheated oven … Read More

  • Black Currant Mustard

    Black Currant Mustard

    Plaid Shirt Farms Black Currant Mustard is a fruity mustard; the perfect partner for roast pork, chicken or  sausage. Brings flavour and texture to your vinaigrettes, marinades and dips. 250ml Made with Black Currants grown on our farm

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  • Frozen black currants

    Frozen Black Currants

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