At Plaid Shirt Farms we strive to be environmentally responsible

We continually work towards increasing our soil organic matter by planting cover crops, using organic mulch for nutrients and sawdust to control weeds and moisture.
We monitor our soil with scheduled soil analysis to ensure each plant grows to its fullest potential and produces the largest, best tasting berries possible. With the soil test results, we can assess the nutrient needs for the plants and soil, and develop or adjust our plans for this season and next.

We are firm believers of supporting our pollinators

Pollinator habitats have been set up on the farm to encourage and support the native pollinator insects, by providing nesting materials and bee forage areas. The habitats are located in our fence rows, along our wind breaks, and near our pond and wooded areas. We choose plants from the pollinator list to encourage a variety of food sources for these beneficial insects.

We reduce the use of water by using drip irrigation instead of overhead irrigation and by monitoring water needs and only applying when necessary for optimal growth.

We use an Integrated Pest Management Plan. We identify problem insects and diseases. We monitor insect activities, beneficial versus detrimental before deciding on any control method. Should a control method be needed, we will choose only products that are registered with Health Canada.