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Looking for a gift basket for that special occasion or special person? Love Your Honey Gift Basket The Love Your Honey Gift Basket which includes: From our own hives: four of our most popular honeysCinnamon Creamed HoneyLemon Creamed HoneyBlack Currant Creamed HoneyRaw … Read More

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Please contact us to discuss pick up and possible delivery options for your gift basket

2021 Garlic

Our 2021 Garlic crop is harvested, dried and ready to enjoy. This year we have four varieties.

Salt spring garlic
Garlic-Salt Spring

Salt Spring  is a Rocambole type of garlic with moderate heat and very pleasant flavours. 8-10 cloves per bulb

delafield garlic
Garlic-Susan Delafield

Susan Delafield is a Porcelain type of garlic. It has an intense and fairly aggressive,rich garlicky flavour with warm to hot pungency. This variety is popular with gourmet cooks. 4-5 cloves per bulb

Marino garlic

Marino  is a Rocambole type of garlic,  A mild garlic with a sharp flavour when raw and some sharpness when cooked.  7-8 cloves per bulb

Wholesale Haskaps

Plaid Shirt Farms Ltd has wholesale Haskaps available in several ways; fresh in season, frozen in bulk containers, or processed into our fine products. Who should buy wholesale Haskaps? Processors, wineries, distilleries, bakeriesHaskaps are loaded with flavour and rich in colour. … Read More

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