Plaid Shirt Farms Ltd has wholesale Haskaps available in several ways; fresh in season, frozen in bulk containers, or processed into our fine products.

Haskap display

Who should buy wholesale Haskaps?

  • Processors, wineries, distilleries, bakeries
    Haskaps are loaded with flavour and rich in colour. A little goes along way. Haskap is an excellent additive to ice cream, yogurt, soft cheese, vinaigrettes, gin, vodka, muffins, tarts and pies.
    Haskaps are known to make an excellent wine with hard to beat, beautiful colour.
    The possibilities are endless.
  • Restaurants
    Haskaps can be made into sauces, toppings, salad dressings, throw a few frozen berries as a garnish on a dessert or into a signature cocktail containing Haskap Juice. A taste your clients will remember.
  • Farm Markets
    Add some fresh Haskaps to your line up. The popularity of Haskaps is exploding!
  • Retailers
    Long ago we attended a seminar on value added products from the farm. The speaker started her presentation with “the world doesn’t need another Strawberry Jam!”
    Our Haskap products are made from Haskaps grown on our farm and designed with a “fruit first” mentality. The first ingredient in our jam is not sugar like a lot of others on the market, our first ingredient is Haskaps. You can taste the difference!