Black Currant Chutney

Black Currant Chutney – New Product Experimentation and Development

Life is an experiment. Every day, I work towards the ABC model. What’s the ABC model you ask? Always Be Curious. Ask questions daily; in work, in play, and in creating new products.
What combination of ingredients would I need to make a super tasting treat like nothing you’ve ever tasted before?
Hmmm….. I like peppers. I like onions. I like garlic. And I absolutely love black currants!
I threw all these in a pot, added a few other ‘secret’ ingredients, brought to a boil, stirred and stirred to the right consistency and Voila!

Mouth watering, sweet and savory, Black Currant Chutney!
Makes a delicious addition to a charcuterie board. Great with cheese, chicken, roasted pork.