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Black Currant Jam

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Jam NutritionPlaid Shirt Farm’s Black Currant Jam is fruit first and bursting with a sweet/tart flavour.   Use on toast, ice cream, pancakes, mix with hot water for a tea.  Adds a punch to yoghurt, smoothies and oatmeal.

Made with Black Currants grown on our farm. 250 ml

Ingredients: black currants, sugar, water

2 reviews for Black Currant Jam

  1. LL

    Your jam was superb in every way. Let me count the ways. Firstly, the balance between sweetness and tartness was perfect. Secondly, the jar was full of fruit, and the fruit had it’s shape. This is very uncommon but essential for the full black currant taste. Thirdly, it was not too jammy and dry but was more loose and not too dense and dry. Once again just right.

  2. CB

    Plaid Shirt Farms have some amazing and wholesome products for all to enjoy. The black currant jam and black currant and habanero jam are to die for.

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