Installing Drip Line Irrigation

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Our Black Currants are in place and now it it is time to install our drip line irrigation. The drip line will replace our antiquated sprinkler system and save us several hours of labour and more importantly, a lot of water.

Drip line

Our first challenge was finding a way to manage the 500 foot long rolls of drip line. To do this we built a hose reel from plywood.

Simplistic in design, and after a few minor tweaks, it worked very well.

After installing 8 rows, connecting them to the header and testing, we were ready to remove the sprinkler system.

After a month or two of trial and error, we will be ready to add our fertigation elements to the system.

Note the oats cover crop between the rows and some weeds in the rows. The oats are overdue for mowing and the weeds will be dealt with without the use of sprays

Sprinkler pipe