Soil Test Results Are In

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Soil Test mapSoil Test and Soil Mapping

We recently had another soil map and an accompanying soil test done on our farm. A soil map is where the farm is drawn out in areas or zones. These areas could be determined by size, change in terrain, obstacles such as ponds and bush or crop planning.

In our case it was a combination of all of these; we have different crops, a pond, some bush and a couple of small rolls in our land. The soil at the top of the roll is quite a bit different to the soil at the bottom.

A soil test, in basic terms will determine your soil’s current fertility and overall health. Our soil at Plaid Shirt Farms was tested for parasitic nematodes, organic matter, PH, major and minor nutrients as well as minerals. From the results we can learn if the steps we are taking to improve our soil are the right ones and what improvements to make going forward.

The soil test results are encouraging!

We learned that we do not have a nematode problem. Our nutrient levels for the most part are in good shape and good balance. There are no issues that require a farm wide treatment and we only have a few areas that need some minor adjustments.

Soil testing and mapping are important! It is very easy and tempting to look at a soil test as another expense we could do without. By having it done we avoided blanketing the whole farm with tonnes of fertilizer and instead concentrate on the areas needing help. We actually spent money to save money while lessening our impact on the environment

Soil Testing and Mapping are important. It’s easy (and tempting) to look at soil testing as another expense we could do without but by doing it, we avoided blanketing the whole farm with tonnes of excess fertilizer and can now target our weak areas. We actually save money and protect our little corner of the environment.

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