Cleaning Our Irrigation Pond

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For the most part, our irrigation pond served us well this summer with only once instance where we thought we would run out of water. It was clear however that access to the pond was not good due to trees and overgrown bush. We were pretty sure that the pond hadn’t been cleaned in 50 years and a good cleaning could only improve performance for the years ahead.

For this project we hired Allans Excavating, who did a fantastic job for us.

Irrigation Pond

We left one tree at the west end as a visual marker and a source of shade. It also happened to be the healthiest tree around the pond. The tall trees at the east end are farther away then they appear in this picture.

When it was finished we were left with huge mounds of sand, silt, and things that collect at the bottom of a pond.

The picture with my truck shows one pile. It is easily eighty feet long. There was another pile of similar size on the other side of our irrigation pond.

We certainly do not hope for a dry summer in 2018 but we feel we are more prepared if it happens.

Irrigation Pond

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