Transplanting Our Black Currants

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Our first Black Currants were planted 3 years ago at a temporary location while we looked for our farm. 2017 was the year we settled in and this fall we we were ready for transplanting our black currants.

The first job was to dig our plants out, which we did by hand, and the stuffed them into a trailer to bring them home. It wasn’t a fun job, but with some help, it went pretty well.


Transplant Trench

The next day was transplanting day. For this task, we purchased a single row trencher, to dig a long trench, that we could drop the black currant plants into. From there, we properly spaced the plants, filled the trench and then stepped them in. We planted 250 plants in only a few hours.Black Currant Transplants

In the spring we will prune them, mulch them and feed them. With drip irrigation installed, we are confident they will do well in their new home and hopefully will not see much of a production set back due to the relocation.


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